Revolights Australia

come in 3 flavours

Revolights Skyline 26" models


Suits Mountain Bikes (MTBs), e-Bikes, and Cruisers
featuring 559C / 26″ / 27.5″ wheels

Revolights Eclipse


For most Road, Hybrid and Vintage bikes
featuring 700C / 27″ wheels

(will also fit MTBs with 28″/29″ rims)

Revolights Eclipse Plus models


For most Road, Hybrid and Vintage bikes
featuring 700C / 27″ wheels

(will also fit MTBs with 28″/29″ rims)

Revolights comes in three handy flavours – so there is most likely a Revolights model to suit your bicycle.  Due to the fixing requirements, your wheels must have a spoke count that is a multiple of four.

Please refer to our Fitment Guide to check your compatibility.


Our revolutionary design creates the unique visual signature of two fluid arcs of light Revolights features a unique visual signature

– providing cyclists with maximised safety through increased visibility.

360o lighting driven by smart electronics – uniquely visible from every angle advertising your presence amongst traffic and pedestrians to keep you safer.

Delivering features that outshine other lighting systems, Revolights is a revolutionary design that improved cyclist safety through better visibility.


The patented Revolights design consists of four narrow rings of LEDs, two white and two red, which mount directly to the front and rear wheels of your bicycle with the help of four spoke clips per wheel. The lights are powered by a USB-rechargeable battery that snaps directly into the rings.

Revolights exploded product view


Each wheel features 24 equally spaced bright LEDs, with 8 LEDs lit at any given moment.  A fork-mounted magnet and an integrated accelerometer provide speed and orientation data to the rings, allowing the LEDs to illuminate only when oriented at the front or rear of the bicycle.


How long does the battery charge last?

About 4 hours in the front; longer in back. Revolights are shipped with 1100mAh batteries. Eight LEDs sink about 250mA total during operation, making for about 4 hours of runtime.

How are Revolights theft resistant?

Preventing thievery was an important consideration during the design phase. Because Revolights consist of a solid-ring body welded together during fabrication, the wheel must be removed from the bike in order to remove the Revolights. When you lock up your bike and wheels, you’re also locking up your Revolights!

What is the weight of Revolights?

Weight per wheel is 348g (12.3 oz) with battery. The full set including the batteries and mounting hardware weighs as much as a small bottle of water.

Have you considered wheel rotation as a power source?

Absolutely. We are currently using rechargeable lithium-ion batteries because they are a particularly efficient way to power LEDs. We also designed our own battery pack in order to maximize efficiency. That said, we are firm believers that the energy created by wheel rotation is a sustainable, environmentally friendly power source. We have plans to incorporate dynamo power in the future.

How bright is the headlight (in lumens)?

There are a total of 24 LEDs on each wheel, 8 of which of are lit up at any given moment. Each LED is rated at over 35 lumens, but since our LEDs are continually rotating and lumens are a unit of flux (light/area) the most accurate description would be: Revolights brightness = 8 LEDs x 35 lumens each.

Does Revolights work with bladed spokes?

Most bladed spokes don’t present a problem for install, but some can be so thin as to prevent the spoke adapters from clamping securely. If your wheel has trouble contact us via email or phone, and we can walk you through an easy work around.

Can Revolights handle wet and snow conditions?

We went to great lengths to design Revolights to stand up to wet conditions. The electronics are fully sealed effectively isolating them from the environment. That said, exposure to salt or alkaline dust on the roads creates issues for most electronics, Revolights included. Lithium batteries can also slow their discharge rate during long-term exposure to extreme cold.

What size wheels will fit with Revolights?

We fit many 700c/27in wheels and 26in wheels. Here’s a link to our fit chart to check if your bike is Revolights compatible:

Does Revolights fit 29in wheels?

Revolights Skyline for 700c/27inch wheels will fit a 29″ tire, however generally the tires are quite wide (the max we support is 38mm). So depending on tires size you have they may block the ability for the lights to act as a headlight and taillight, but you will still have side visibility.

Are Revolights compatible with disc brakes?

Revolights Skyline and Eclipse are compatible with disc brakes. Unfortunately Revolights City Wheels will not work with disc brakes.

Does Revolights work with fenders?

Revolights will work with fenders. However, if you have a rear fender the rear projection of light will be partially blocked from directly behind depending on how long the fenders are but the sides will still be completely visible.

Will Revolights fit with deep v rims or a rim-to-nipple depth over 42mm?

Our 700c kit will fit up to a 45mm deep v rim with our modified hardware. The hardware that enables Revolights to fit deep v rims is available under the Modified Harware selection on the store page.

Will Revolights fit with 700c/27in wheels that have a tire width that is wider than 38mm?

A tire width that is greater than 38mm is not ideal, but Revolights will still fit. Our concern is that the tire width will partially block some of the forward and rear projection of light but the side view will still be completely visible.

Will Revolights fit 20in wheels?

We are sorry to say that Revolights will not fit 20in wheels. We currently only fit road and hybrid bikes with 700c/27in or 26in wheels. We are working on new styles or designs and we hope to have Revolights fit a variety of bikes in the future.

Will Revolights work on motorcycles?

The current design can only fit bicycles and does not work with motorcycles. We do realize that a design option that is compatible with motorcycles is a huge opportunity and we’d love to achieve this goal in the future.

Do you have Revolights for wheelchairs?

We do not currently have a wheelchair compatible design but we hope to be able to fit them in the future.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship to locally within Australia and New Zealand, and also to some Asia Pacific countries.
If you require shipping to North and South America, Europe, and Africa – then please place your order via the US Revlights store.
Please note that the customer is responsible for any VAT (value added tax), Import Duty, or local Sales Taxes.
Some international shipping rates are available at check out, or for more information email

When can I expect my Revolights?

All orders ship within 6 business days.
Depending on the location, your Revolights will be shipped via Australia Post or Startrack.  You will receive an email notification and tracking number when your Revolights have shipped.

Please note that regular domestic shipments may take up to 14 days to arrive after they have been shipped.
We can provide priority shipping options (email us for rates) for your items, however due to the package size these options are very expensive.

International shipments should generally take between 7-10 days to arrive after they have been shipped.

How much time should I expect to spend on installation?

A first time install usually takes around an hour, with the second wheel going much faster than the first. Someone who has installed a few sets can generally keep it to about a half hour for most installations.

Click here to view installation videos.

What if my chain/seatstay or fork has less than 40mm of clearance?

We have special modified sets available upon request that can fit more narrow frame/fork clearances. Email us for more information.

The lights are pointing the right direction when stopped but when I start riding they don't stay in an arc.

This is almost always due to the magnet not being sensed by the sensor inside the ring. First steps are to double-check that the magnets are on the non-drive side of the bike and that they are within about ~6mm (1/4″) of the Revolights ring. If you require magnet extensions or the issue remains please reach out to us,

The lights make a clicking sound when I brake.

This is usually caused by larger than normal tire guides on the brake pads. The quick fix is to swap the bake pads Left to Right AND rotate them 180 degrees so the tire guide tabs point up, away from the Revolights rings. Swapping the pads Left to Right is necessary in combination with rotating them 180 degrees to make sure the braking force acts in the same direction.

The lights are pointing the wrong direction when stopped.

If the bike is upside-down this is normal.

If not, this is most often caused by the W-Wire ring not having been installed on the non-drive side of the bike (the rider’s left side). If the issue is on the front wheel you can usually just remove the wheel and turn it around. If it is the rear wheel the rings need to be swapped left/right.



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